Best Penis Pump Results Received (Before and After) and Compared

Modern men unanimously assert that the size of their penis is too small to satisfy their partner and experience an outstanding orgasm. Today, many methods will help increase penis size. The most effective way is pumping, implying the stimulation of enlargement due to the influence of the vacuum environment.

To perform pumping a man should get the best penis pump like Bathmate or Penomet that is designed for use in the water or the bedroom. The effectiveness of the method lies in the fact that after completing a full course of the exercise, a man can observe a long-awaited result that persists for a long time. As a rule, penis size increases by 15–25% and this result last for 6–12 months. At the same time, the quality of sex life is reaching a new level.

CHow to choose the best penis pump (results received)

Before considering a list of suggestions that contribute to choosing a high-quality pump, it is worth noting that today the most popular models are Penomet, Bathmate, and Androvacuum. The first two pumps are mechanical devices that are used in the shower and bath. The Androvacuum is an automatic pump that is powered by just the touch of a button. The pump is intended for dry use.

Let’s consider the list of main criteria according to which you should choose a pump to stimulate the enlargement of the penis:

  • High-quality device. Certificates posted on the manufacturer’s official website confirm the excellent and qualitative features of the pump, as well as its safety. Documentation is issued during clinical and laboratory studies;
  • The materials of the device must be safe and non-toxic. Ideally, self-respecting manufacturers use medical plastics and special rubber. Durability and wear resistance of materials are of no small importance during the use of the pump;
  • In the process of selecting a pump, it is recommended to pay attention to reviews of satisfied consumers. The more positive comments, the higher the likelihood that the device has useful features and effective in use. You can find a lot of reviews on the official website of the manufacturer, as well as on a variety of forums;
  • Warranty and support. Each reputable manufacturer provides its customers with a guarantee of quality and efficiency. Besides, an integral part of the company’s work is customer support, which consists of providing assistance, exchanging goods and returning the money;
  • The recommendations of the doctors are the necessary information on which you should rely on the process of choosing a pump. Only a medical professional can give an objective assessment of the effectiveness and safety of a vacuum device.

How does the Best Penis Pump Work?

A more secure, but no less capable device is the Bathmate water pump. The principle of its operation is that under the impact of water inside the working flask which serves for the penis placement, a maximum tightness is created, which ensures the appearance of pressure. In turn, pressure creates a vacuum that stimulates blood circulation and erection. Stretching of cavernous tissues of the penis occurs, due to which the penis increases in its size over time.

The safety of using the hydro pump lies in the fact that the water inside the working flask softens the pressure force, promotes relaxation, makes the skin supple and bouncy, which minimizes the chance of injury to the flesh, and the formation of hematomas, etc.

A novelty among vacuum pumps for penis enlargement is the Androvacuum automatic pump. The principle of operation of the device is that a vacuum is formed inside the working flask, which also stimulates blood circulation as in the previous case.

 Distinctive features of the Androvacuum and Bathmate is a way of functioning. In this case, the man does not need to dive into the water. Moreover, the user does not need to make any movements, except to put the penis into the working flask and press the air pumping button .

The Best Penis Pump Comparison

Bathmate and Penomet best hydro pumps create ongoing popularity among the users of the modern world. The principle of their impact is similar. Under the force of pressure with the additional use of water, stimulation of erection occurs, which in turn cause active blood circulation in the penis. A powerful bloodstream expands and stretches the cavernous tissues of the penis, due to which its size increase not only in length but also in girth.

The design features of the Bathmate and Penomet pumps are also similar. The main elements of the pump are the working flask, and at the edge, there is a valve for water release and a built-in pumping gaiter.

Now let’s talk about the distinctive features.

Tab titlePenomet
You should choose Bathmate basing on the current size of the penis. The individual size is maximally adapted to the anatomical features of the genitals, which allows achieving the maximum vacuum.
Unlike its competitor, Penomet hydro pump is a versatile device that does not require sizing. Thanks to the flexible and durable plastic working flask, it adapts to the size of any penis. Another distinguishing feature of the Penomet pump is the presence of removable gaiters. That is, the pumping element can be replaced depending on the required pressure force. Ideally, there is a unique scheme that involves a combination of gaiters throughout the entire course of using the device.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Pump?

The first step is to determine the pump – mechanic or automatic. It should be borne in mind that you cannot use the automatic pump in the water environment. Therefore, if you are more attracted to water devices, you will have to choose a mechanic device.

After you have chosen the model you need, you should learn the consumer reviews and results with pictures(before and after). To do this, you can find reviews on the manufacturer’s website or forums. You should not choose a pump of unknown origin, because it can damage your health.

Choose only certified products, the effectiveness, and safety of which is confirmed by laboratory and clinical studies.

Hydro vs. Vacuum Technology

Many consumers doubt the effectiveness of the penis pumps. It is worth saying that the Penomet, Bathmate, and Androvacuum pumps are safety devices that have been repeatedly tested by laboratory tests. The impact of vacuum and pressure naturally stimulates blood circulation, which in any case has a positive effect on the stretching of cavernous tissues and obtaining a firm erection.

Penis Pump Results (Before and After)

Let’s highlight some positive features that a man benefits during the process of using devices:

  • The practical and safe result, which manifests in the form of eliminating the erectile dysfunction and increasing the size of the penis;
  • Ease of use. Only 20 minutes a day and very soon the size of the penis will increase in length and girth at least 15%;
  • Stimulation of the enlargement of the penis occurs naturally due to the activation of blood circulation;
  • The high quality of the materials used, which are also used in the production of medical instruments and equipment;
  • The minimum number of contraindications extends the consumer range;
  • No adverse reactions with proper use;
  • Loyal and affordable cost of devices.

Possible adverse body reactions

The manufacturer and many users claim that in the process of proper use of vacuum and hydro pumps, any side reactions are almost impossible. Therefore, before using the device, you should learn the recommendations for use, which are detailed in the instructions.

If a man did not adhere to the elementary rules of the device operation, then the adverse reactions of the body can manifest in pain in the process of using the pump and also irritation, hematomas and other mechanical defects on the surface of the penis. As soon as you feel discomfort at the moment of pumping, you should immediately stop and begin to perform the exercise again, but already adhering to the manufacturer’s clear recommendations.

Where to Buy Pumps for Penis Enlargement?

Each of the pumps reviewed in this article is a certified product that is guaranteed to produce a positive result. However, this will only happen if a man buys an original pump. Therefore, when choosing a pump, it is necessary to visit only the official websites of manufacturers who post detailed reviews of devices on their pages, as well as scans of accompanying documents.

Quite often, the manufacturer provides on its website promotions and discounts, allowing good savings in the budget of the customer. Buying a product on the official website, the consumer receives support and a guarantee that protects his user rights.

Are you tired of constant troubles in bed, which manifest as weak erection, reduced potency and the absence of an orgasm? Is your penis size too small to surprise your sex partner? Then we recommend starting using an effective and safe method of stimulating the enlargement of the penis – the pumping technique.

Right now order a vacuum or hydro pump to stimulate the penis enlargement. You will be surprised, but the results are evident in a relatively short period. You will gain the normalization of sexual functions and an enlarged penis with bigger size and length.

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