Space Day May 10 at KY Science Center

On May 2014 the Kentucky Science Center will celebrate Space Day. This event is dedicated to sharing space science with our many visitors. These Saturdays in May can see very large and diverse crowds with participants of all ages in our galleries. This Science Celebration also provides a valuable opportunity for visitors to interact with professionals in the field and to be exposed to new careers.

What can you do? The most common type of partner program is a table-top activity with a volunteer to share a brief hands-on lesson, but we want you to share what you do best! Our gallery spaces can facilitate a wide variety of footprints and we also can provide electricity, water, and wireless connectivity. In the Tech Forum theater, we can host virtual presentations. Lab space is also available. While there won’t be a lot of night sky to work with, programming on Main Street can also be accommodated.

What times are needed? Unlike many other Science Celebrations, this will be an all-day event to allow for day and evening programming. The galleries are open from 9:30 am- 9:00 pm, so any start time after 11:00 am can be accommodated. Also, we typically see a small surge of visitors in the evening for our ‘5 after 5’ promotion.

What do I do to sign up?  Simply contact Andrew Spence, Visitor Experience Coordinator at or (502)560-7129 to sign up for Space Day Andrew will email you all the necessary logistical information such as the parking lot code. All partners that participate in this event will receive free parking and a pass for a free follow-up visit to the exhibits. Please consider finalizing all commitments as soon as possible to allow for the opportunity to promote your activity and ensure gallery space is available.

Thank you for your interest!

Examples of previous Space Science Programming

Sharing NASA artifacts from our Collection

Hands-on advanced space science material stations

Exploring stargazing and gallery exploration computer software

Conducting mock physical and mental astronaut tests

Spotting the features of Jupiter with telescopes on Main Street