Best Penis Enlargement Pills, that work for 91% of men

Small Penis is a Big Problem

Not every man was lucky to be born with a big cock, and nature had not endowed especially some of them, just giving tiny penis that makes women laugh. In other cases, women feel deep disappointment if you have to face a very educated lady.

So it’s not necessary to dream about a full-fledged personal life with a small penis.  And the stories that the main thing in a relationship are “feelings, caring and tenderness” are the pure myth . A woman needs full-fledged sex, a sense of masculinity of her men, and a purely animal pleasure from the fact that she is possessed by a healthy male, after all!

A small dick can’t ensure that. No, maybe a lady will stay with you, but she will not get pleasure from the sexual relationship. So, you will not get it either, because there is nothing worse than having an unsatisfied woman beside you.

But do not despair – thanks to modern pharmacological developments, you can not only normalize the erection but also enlarge the penis not only in length but also in girth, which is especially important! So go ahead – let’s find out how to make your dick longer using the best penis enlargement pills, and starting get real pleasure from sex and relationships!

Surgery? Not an Option

Some men want everything at once, agreeing to surgery to enlarge the penis. Yes, plastic surgeons can enlarge your penis fast enough, but this solution has too many drawbacks:

  • There is a high probability of a decrease (or even a complete disappearance) of potency due to a violation of the blood flow in cavernous tissues. During the operation, a surgeon may hit the vessel, supplying the reproductive organ with blood. Accordingly, the only purpose of your enlarged penis will be the urination, but here, as you understand, the size does not matter.
  • There are possible complications of an inflammatory nature, and they arise quite often.
  • Expensive. 4-5 figures measure the cost of the penis enlargement surgery.
  • It is necessary to visit the procedures for an extended period after the operation. There is even no need to focus on the fact that it is forbidden to test your brand-new penis because sex and masturbation are banned within 3-4 months.

So do not go for surgery – now there are many much more reasonable options for resolving the issue. Let’s talk about them below.

Jelqing and Kegels Techniques for Penis Enlargement are Complicated and Risky

There are methods of so-called “self-massage” of the penis, which help in systematic and long-term implementation to increase the all parameters of the penis – both the length and diameter. The effect, in this case, is achieved by increasing the flow of blood to the cavernous tissues.

Yes, these techniques in some cases allow achieving real results – some men (inexplicably, but the fact is that they were all representatives of the Negroid race) by doing jelkinq enlarged their penis by 5-7 cm for half a year, but this was achieved literally by only a handful of people in the world.


But there are also ample negative properties of these techniques:

  • The difficulty. For Jelqing and Kegels to bring a noticeable result, it is necessary to observe the technique of exercises strictly, and this is very difficult. “Professionals” argue that men who do not earn a living by the penis, these methods are not up to it. Agree, it makes no sense for them to lie. So make appropriate conclusions.
  • High risks of traumas. Every day, lovers of Jelqing and Kegels fall into the departments of surgery and urology with different problems – from the rupture of the frenulum to the penis fracture.
  • Complications that are manifest somewhat later. Strangely enough, one of them is a decrease in potency due to rupture of tiny vessels.

Do penis enlargement pills really work?

At the very outset, we wish to clarify that here, and now there is a question not about preparations by Sildenafil (Viagra, Cialis, and others), possessing the short period of practical action and promoting the only improvement of a potency, instead of an increase in the penis size.

Quick note
The mechanism of increasing the length and girth of the male cock through the use of pharmacological agents is considered using one of the best penis enlargement pill – VigRx Plus.

The use of this food additive triggers a whole complex of biochemical reactions occurring in the cells of the corpus cavernosum. Parallel to this, several systemic changes affect the state of peripheral vessels. The mechanism of action of VigRx Plus can be characterized as follows:

  1. Increased blood flow to the cavernous tissues of the penis.
  2. Increase in the proliferative activity of cells that form the basis of the structural components of the genitals. In other words, old cells do not die yet, and new ones replace them, thanks to which a positive balance is created.
  3. The increase in the volumes if penis tissues, and as a result, the penis becomes longer and more comprehensive.

The implementation of this mechanism provides some benefits:

  • Security. Heart work is not affected, as is often the case with the use of drugs based on Sildenafil.
  • No addiction.
  • Constant effect.

Besides, the cost of this remedy is much lower than the price of surgery. The benefit is obvious!

Penis Growth Pills Comparison

Yes, VigRx Plus is not the only penis enhancement capsule which allows you to enlarge your penis without a health hazard. There are other medicines like Extenze, Neosize XL, Prosolution Pills – they can also be used effectively without risk.

When choosing the best male enlargement pills, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Manufacturer company. The same Pfizer does not produce drugs that promote penis enlargement – all the medicines of this company only contribute to enhancing potency, and that’s all. Only dietary supplements, but the effect achieved from their use does not in all cases correspond to the expectations of a person.
  • Ingredients that are part of the remedy that you are going to purchase. That is one of the most critical selection criteria. Yes, a person, being far from medicine and pharmacology, is unlikely to be able to assess the benefits of specific components objectively. However, there are several basic principles by which a remedy can be immediately evaluated without even going into details. So, if you see an inscription on the package that the drug includes Sildenafil, then you can be sure – it does not fit you if you want to enlarge the penis, because this agent is designed to implement a short-term effect. Another principle – if you see that the composition of the pills includes many compounds with complicated chemical names, you should not use it yourself. Be sure to consult a doctor before this, because otherwise there is a high probability of undesirable side reactions.
  • Money back guarantees for the purchased goods. Yes, this is an important point, but it is not worth much attention. If you follow the principles of logic, you might think that guaranteeing to return money for a poor-quality product, the company shows its confidence in the product, but in fact, this principle does not work in all cases. In practice, not all companies agree to return funds for the purchase.T here is also the flip side of the coin – among the clients there are often unconscionable people wishing to get the result and at the same time to return the money, hoping for the “low quality” of the drug, although this does not correspond to reality.
  • Reviews. That is the last thing you need to look at. Now the vast majority of reviews – both positive and negative – are written: “to order.” It is very rare to see the opinion left by a real client.

Penis Enhancement Results

These remedies can be used in several cases:

  • The desire to increase the size of the penis.
  • The need to restore the average level of potency.
  • Violation of the natural mechanisms of testosterone synthesis in the human body.
Did you know?
These problems all have one common “root” – a decrease in the intensity of the blood supply to the penis. It is for that reason that the metabolic processes occurring in the tissues of this organ are disturbed.

VigRx Plus: the Main Ingredients and Their Properties

The composition of the VigRx Plus male enhancement supplement includes only plant-based components that have a completely natural origin – no synthetic and foreign substances:

  • Epimedium Sagittatum helps to accelerate the flow of blood to the cavernous tissues of the penis;
  • Ginkgo Biloba increases the stress-resistance of the body, contributes to an increase in vitality;
  • Korean red ginseng improves the quality of prostate function, and it is indispensable for various problems of the genitourinary system, which often accompany the issue of low potency and a small penis;
  • Sabal: a component is necessary to improve the quality of semen;
  • Muira Puama increases the intensity of the synthesis of testosterone;
  • Catuaba promotes the gaining of muscle mass in the body, increases self-confidence;
  • Hawthorn positively affects the work of the male cardiovascular system;
  • Damiana accelerates metabolic processes, promotes the formation of ATP molecules, which accumulate energy necessary for the rapid enlargement of the penis;
  • Bioperine is a natural antioxidant, essential to protect cells from the effects of free radicals.

Note that all of the components listed above differ in their specificity of impact on the human body – each of them has some of its exceptional properties. But the “result vector” of their effect is expressed in the enlargement of the penis, boosting the potency and self-confidence!

Besides, due to the increased intensity of the synthesis of testosterone, many men note an accelerated gaining of muscle mass.

What Else Can I Use to Safely and Effectively Enlarge the Penis?

If you think that you can enlarge your penis without fearing for your health if you will only use VigRx Plus pills and other pharmacological preparations, then you are a little mistaken. There are individual devices designed for mechanical extension of the penis so that you can increase its size.

The most effective and proven are Bathmate pump and X4 Labs Extender. The principle of their action is based on the fact that with stable extension, cells of the penis are activated responsible for the enlargement of this organ. And if in the vast majority of cases the penis enlargement is completed in 18-19 years, thanks to the action of Bathmate pump and X4 Labs extender, this process can resume!

Pay attention, male enlargement pills and mechanical devices for penis enlargement impact differently. The effect of using tablets is explained by increased blood flow to the cavernous tissues of the penis, and the Bathmate pump and X4 Labs extender stimulate cell division, although improved blood supply is also one of the benefits of application of these devices.  From all this we can conclude that to achieve the maximum possible result within a specified period, it makes sense to use both types of means to ensure the enlargement of the penis  .

After all, the process of increasing the size of the penis for forever takes quite a long time, and it makes sense to accelerate it by simultaneously using several mechanisms of growth of cavernous tissues.

The Main Differences Between VigRx Tablets Plus, Extenze Preparations, Neosize XL, and Prosolution Pills

To understand all the advantages of VigRx tablets Plus, it is necessary to compare their effect with other remedies of a similar action.

 VigRx PlusExtenzeNeosize XLProsolution Pills
Penis enlargementThe course makes it possible (in case of strict observance of all recommendations) to increase the penis by 5-7 cm within a monthPenis enlargement by 3-4 cm per month (if properly used, following the instructions and recommendations)The increase in the penis by 5-6 cm per month if properly used, following the instructions and recommendations)Enlargement of the penis by 2-3 cm per month (if properly used, following the instructions and recommendations)
Stamina boostingIncreased stamina due to increased intensity of testosterone synthesisIncreased endurance due to increased intensity of testosterone synthesisIncreased endurance due to increased intensity of testosterone synthesisThe insignificant increase of endurance
Complex effect on the human bodyYes, but without consequencesThe drug affects the cardiovascular system, dilating the peripheral vessels, as well as the endocrine and genitourinary systems.Yes, but without consequencesYes, but without consequences
AddictionNoNoNoThere is a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug if you resume the treatment
The likelihood of undesirable side effectsIt is excluded under the condition of correct reception and absence of contraindications from the urogenital, cardiovascular and endocrine systemsThe composition of this drug includes component Yohimbe, which can lead to the fact that after the course of treatment the man will note a marked weakness and a slight dizzinessThe composition of this drug includes component Yohimbe, which can lead to the fact that after the course of treatment the man will note a marked weakness and a slight dizzinessThe composition of this drug includes component Yohimbe, which can lead to the fact that after the course of treatment the man will note a marked weakness and a slight dizziness

Safety of Using Penis Enhancement Tablets

Once again pay attention to the fact that the composition of the proposed remedies is only natural substances. That means that there cannot be any harm to the body. That is because only natural physiological mechanisms are activated to achieve the final result – increasing the size of the penis.

Quick note
It should be noted that some biochemically active substances included in VigRx Plus have a mixed effect on the human body: in particular, the cardiovascular system, expanding the peripheral vessels, and the endocrine system by increasing the intensity of the synthesis of male sex hormones – androgens.

But all these do not cause any harm to health, because there is no addiction unlike the preparations synthesized by Sildenafil.

Taking VigRx Plus does not require repeated courses –except cases when a man wants to enlarge his dick even more! Accordingly, the body will not need to spend energy on processing the drugs taken with subsequent excretion of metabolites, which is also essential.

Where Can I Buy the Best Penis Enlargement Pill?

It’s impossible to buy high-quality and original VigRx Plus tablets in the usual drugstore. This preparation for specific reasons is not presented in retail networks. Accordingly, you can order VigRx Plus only on websites, for example, VigRx Plus is always available on the Amazon.

As for delivery and payment, do not worry – trading platforms value their reputation, and therefore will never fail their client! The order will arrive on time and will fully comply with the application.

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