Kentucky Academy of Science

2015 Junior Academy meeting photos

Photos from the 2015 Junior Academy Annual Meeting, April 11, 2015 at the University of Kentucky

Over 85 students participated in the 2015 Kentucky Junior Academy meeting on April 11 2015.

2015 Grand Prize Winners:

Life Science Category: Harsha Paladugu and Sanjana Rane

Physical Sciences Category: Danielle Graves / Manasa Sunkara & Richard Gunasena/ Madan Subheen


Middle School Group 1

First Place – Grace Hovekamp

Second Place – Aditya Mehta

Third Place – Emma Cammack

Middle School Group 2

First Place – Lilly Gonzales

Second Place – Nivedha Loganathan

Third Place – Mina Ryumae

Middle School Group 3

First Place – Shreeya Arora

Second Place – Molly Anne McGuire

Third Place – Subetha Gunasena



Behavioral and Social Sciences

First Place – Savannah King & Savannah Owens

Second Place – Sophia Korner & Diva Mathur

Third Place – Aisha Thapa

Biological Topics I

First Place – Harsha Paladugu

Second Place – Rena Ryumae

Third Place – Elise Kim

Biological Topics 2

First Place – Sanjana Rane

Second Place – Clara deCastro

Third Place – Sumanth Chennareddy

Botany, Microbiology and Zoology

First Place – Camille Rougier

Second Place – Sarah Duggan

Third Place – Duc Le and Ethan Paff

Chemistry and Physics

First Place – Richard Gunasena & Madan Subheen

Second Place – Joanna Slusarewicz

Third Place – Shravan Ravishanker

Computer Science and Mathematics

First Place – Susmita Chennareddy

Second Place – Sarah Schwartz & Greg Schwartz

Third Place – Rishi Talati


First Place – Danielle Graves & Manasa Sunkara

Second Place – Joy Li

Third Place – Mukund Venkatakrishnana

Environmental Science

First Place – Conor Blackburn

Second Place – Sanjana Kothari and Kohana Ramirez

Third Place – Akanksha Gupta


The following officers were elected:

President: Sanjana Rane

Vice-President: Clara deCastro

Secretary: Nikitha Rajendran